Sunday, December 30, 2007

Too much discovery

I saw the biggest juiciest xiao long baos on Discovery Channel today.

It featured patriarch Chen, the founding father a restaurant that specializes in crab roe XLB’s, I went online to snoop around his website, apparently he’s online and has a cute flash animation as well.

Being Chee-na illiterate, I had Google do the work of translation.

Jingjiang Fortune floor mutton dishes are more than 40 varieties, all sheep were contractors for guest seats and 0.1 taste - I can't begin to make sense of this.

View original website here.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Drama marathon

Catching up on Jap Dramas is awesome.
Feel so housewifey.

Antique Cake Store -

This show is definitely damn corny lah, think old Stephen Chow movies.
Exaggerated expressions, lame jokes.

Mr. Boss with the porn-stach,
nevermind if its not a scene from the show but he's still rockin the same stach)

Some how or another he reminds me of

Richard Ng ...
They SOOOO look alike

Strawberry on the Short Cake (SOS)

The lead is like that dude in Rozen Maiden, I looked up the term its called Hikikkomori,
Might be some kinda subliminal PSA for awareness on the mental state of their teenagers.
Props to the very disturbing, unusual plot.

Initially I thought that the girl in red is some fabricated imaginary girl that Manato conjured. The plot took a very interesting twist at the very end.
With all the mind fucking.
I liked the use of metaphors.
By now you would have noticed by fascination with Takizawa and cake.
I'm so making strawberry shortcake =)

Now still on : Zombie-Loan
Watched until Ep. 5
Has managed to sustain my interest thus far.
Has abit of boob grabbing lesbian scenes.

Beautiful Life - incomplete, removed I can only say ARRRRGGGGHHHH!

Now I'll never know how it ends.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Post concert discussions

In conversation:

I can't believe people pay so much to cluster fuck.

Its all about the atmosphere lah.

SMS: S Nv go? So you were alone? I thot overall was good, I wasn't expecting much from lp. But i think chester really has good vocals. I'm in love w him. Haha.

Me: The concert was goooood. Acoustics were sucky. Kenna pangseh by a friend. Took the train home after. Wouldn't be surprised if you were turning gay. I knew your girlfriend is a cover up.

Obligatory cute as a button Kitty shot.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chapter 1: A new beginning

So the first blog post is a total ripoff an old Moffatt (I hear some people going Moffatt who?) albumn,

But I couldn't think of anything else smarter for a title.

And for the record, I'm pretty bad at titles.

The end brings the beginning of something.
That's what this post is dedicated to.

A fresh new start.

And some optimism for a change ;)