Friday, February 29, 2008


Q: What's worst than one of your best mates telling you that she's VERY sexually deprived?

A: When TWO of your best mates tell you that they're VERY sexually deprived.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

In conversation - cheanea

cheanea says: hi five

20:11:11I say: five

20:11:12cheanea says: nite nite hug hug kiss kiss

20:11:18I say: nitey haha

20:11:24cheanea says: oh dun try to touch my boobs pls

20:11:30I say: touch touch

20:11:40cheanea says: hahahah flinch flinch

20:11:42I say: squeeze squeeze ok this is bordering cybersex HAHAHHA

20:12:10cheanea says: hahahaha

Gooney bird of the day award goes to ...

Telephone conversation: (Job woes)

Him: So have you received my fax
Me: Erm you faxed us a blank sheet, could you refax us again
Him: So do you fax it front side up or opposite
Me: (trying to surpress my laughter) I suppose it depends on your fax machine sir.
Him: Ok, I'll try again.


Word of the day

I know Karan once used it in class,
but I keep forgetting the terms.

an·drog·y·nous /ænˈdrɒdʒənəs/
1. being both male and female; hermaphroditic.
2. having both masculine and feminine characteristics.
3. having an ambiguous sexual identity.
4. neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance: the androgynous look of many rock stars.
5. Botany. having staminate and pistillate flowers in the same inflorescence.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back tracking abit

I think I might have found the tellytubby house that Victor Lim was talking about

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Got signs of stress oozing out from pores all the way to my backside.

Today Victor Lim met me at work.
In response to where are you?

"I'm near a building that looks like tellytubby house with a green patch of grass in front"


I'd miss the days when he'd take out the bad bits of the day,
and i'd start with a fresh new one even though practically everyday was shite.

I found this rather entertaining.

Like LOL-worthy.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Better left undiscovered

I might bomb my assignment 1.

I liked the starting bits of the movie,
And anyone who's been in the pits of a relationship can identify with the line
"I don't think you fall out of love until you fall into someone else"

The plots quite endearing, I fault the bad execution and lack of a good script,

even for a teenflick.

The skateboarding dog and the lead is soooooo hot.

The reviews here and here are nasty though, can't blame them.

Return of the princess

Click image to see conversation.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

In conversation with Normie

Soapy: Fuck Norman I can see your boxers and hairy tummy so gross.
Later I cannot strike lottery how??

Norman: Nevermind lah I treat you like brudder already.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In conversation with Sha

SoApy says:
y does god always give me the freaks

Sha~ says:
coz he knows u can handle them

Monday, February 18, 2008

Road trippin

Yin and Yang twins, mode of transport the trusty steeds ...
Singapore to Gelang Patah
And the bunch of nut jobs posing outside some petrol kiosk @ 2nd link
Makan pics up at makan blog, when i do get to it :D
Information tidbit: Its nearly impossible to orr pisai wearing full face.

Friday, February 15, 2008

V'day post mortem

How I spent my valentine's day.

Woke up, had lunch, went for interview that seemed to last for eternity - sat for 1 test and saw 2 people, travelled back, came home, sat down checked email, changed clothes - off to school, stoned, attended a class, met an ex-classmate from secondary school not bad after a catch up conversation I got away with 2 tobleron minis, went home.

Yay to chocolate. Must practice self restraint ... still coughing :(

But what seems like another uneventful day aside,

I had the most entertaining conversation with the mates.

Ivy and the guy formally known as toiletbrush.

I regret not taking a screenshot of the conversation for more authenticity -
But it went like this:

2/15/2008 12:08:11 AM Toiletbrush* nites my bestie fren
2/15/2008 12:08:37 AM SoApy night Toiletbrush
2/15/2008 12:08:48 AM Toiletbrush call me princess
2/15/2008 12:08:50 AM Toiletbrush i LIKE
2/15/2008 12:08:55 AM SoApy night princess
2/15/2008 12:09:04 AM Toiletbrush ahaha
2/15/2008 12:09:11 AM SoApy anything for u

*names have been changed to protect the thick-skinned pseudo royalty.

I seem destined to be surrounded by gender reversed role males.
I dun like. *pouts*

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Men who do and men who don't

Without breaking friendly codes of morality, ethic and confidentiality.

A good friend of mine was bitching about some problems that his girlfriend and him are facing. One of which was a quarrel that sparked off about him refusing to pick her up after work at 5.30am in the morning.

The thing is, I've been at this quarrel before with far less unreasonable circumstances.

I had been working 2 jobs and in school, I asked if he could pick me up because I was so tired, I didn't think it'd be safe to doze off in the cab, I texted him to ask me to pick me up.

Best part was he didn't even bother to reply.

Needless to say I flew into a mad rage and got scolded for treating him for granted like a driver and cried myself to sleep because all I could think of that night was a certain someone who would have done exactly that, and for all the right reasons.

And I told him about what I thought.

1. She just finished work at 5.30am, she must be tired

2. 5.30am is an ungodly time to be out, perhaps she thought that she'll feel safer with you around.

3. Maybe she just wanted some time with you

I mean I don't know the girlfriend to side her but I speak with a very rational mindset. And remember that armed robbery slasher case in Sengkang?
Sounds abit far fetched, but you never know what's going to happen, do u want to risk something like that to happen to someone you love.

Well this post is not about my dear friend and his girlfriend or his love life.

This post is about men who do and men who don't.

As if the world is divided into these two guys.

And what if it actually is?
So which side do you stand on?
Happy Valentine's Day all!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

As seen

As seen on Fark:

Woman faces jail time for making 700 phone calls to emergency services demanding a man for sex. Well a woman wants sex, its sorta like an emergency right. Sorta.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catching up

On days I don't work I finally get to catch up with long lost friends.

Well maybe not so lost,
but I really treasure the bunch where we don't meet up but when we do,
It’s a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng talk cock session much ado about nothing.

And on sessions like these the usual sentence constructor would typically go like ... "Do you remember when."

Secondary school is like a life changing experience, at least for me.

Put 40 different individuals into one room and you get a whole eco system.
There will be hegemony, classification and even cannibalism to a certain extent.
And that was in the late 90s. I doubt much has changed now.

It’s just that kids are just more well-informed.

Anyways, all this reminiscing made me think of the lives of people that I’ve probably screwed up.

An instance where absolute power corrupts absolutely;
there was this boy who was absolutely nasty to me.

The very first day I put him on my hit list was after an examination in Secondary 1, I was tired and mentally exhausted. I remember him grinning like an idiot, asking me to check out a classmates boobs. I politely ignored and then he went on to describe in graphic detail about jerking off to boobs.

He was undoubtedly a royal pain in the arse. And after that every time he did something stupid, I’d tell on him, which in turn made him on almost every teacher’s wanted list.

And somehow being the geeky class committee member helped me get away with this. I mean looking back; I asked myself did I really start the ruin of someone’s life by being the mean girl.

I liked secondary school, I think it’s as close to real life as it can get.

And I think that even though we make some wrong turns in our lives, it’s about overcoming adversity and just bouncing back, it’s only a matter of time.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Some idiot put SALT into the sugar container resulting in a batch of OVERLY SALTED chocolated chip cookies.


I'm detoxing, if kenny can do it, so can I.
And I'm going to try that thing where your body gets all sweaty
breathing quickens ... and supposedly heart pumps faster ... I think its called exercise.



Edit 9.13am Febby 11,

I found out that its not salt, its MSG -.-


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random reckonings

You never know who you'll fall in love with, its better to live with an open mind then a closed heart

Stupidity is never limited to ...

Talking to random strangers is not only good for practicing people skills but makes you less self absorbed.

On optimism:
Some breed of parents (like mine) leave their young at a young age to fend for themselves, at least they didn't eat me coz I was weak. Hah!

Not exercising makes me one fat

Traditions and time wasters

The new year brings a bitter sweet time for me.
I mean it sucks especially that Nai Nai is not around anymore.

I'm in a huge prissy mood.

Some people are down right INSENSITIVE.

Especially if they are those pretending to care

I found myself listening on the aunties who are preoccupied with the Korean Drama fad.

I can't say much for the plot or casting and prefer to look further East for my fix.

Then again I've not reach the age of Auntie-dom ... still can't relate.

But all's not lost, I've kept myself occupied watching anime.
Plug of the moment would be D.Grey-Man which IMHO is a fantastic feed.

I mean I can draw a few similarities between this and more popular titles like
Full metal alchemist, Bleach, Naruto and even Death Note. Perhaps it’s the tasteful blend of similarities that makes it a sure hit.

What I did like about the anime:

No excessive boobage, if you're into such things, Rey recommended me a really Ecchi anime called Amaenaideyo, which I’ll talk about when I have the time.

Lots of people die. Its not one of those shows where only the anti-heroes drop dead like flies but I guess you could say that the casualties are heavy on both sides which makes it a lot more realistic.

It's set in different parts of the world. This could well be MY most favourite bit because unlike other anime where it’s only set in Japan even though one of the major battles will be staged in Edo, it takes you to real places around the world with some nice scenes.

Great story telling at the expense of, I would say the fight scenes that appear pretty weak compared to Bleach. Also the depth and development of Akuma, some stuff’s abit off and lame.

I do hope that it doesn't become like Naruto in the sense that it becomes too draggy.

I think it the increased popularity that makes the writers want to cash in on prime time air-time making it waaaaay too retarded and impossible to follow.

If they keep it up I swear they're just shooting themselves in the foot. Fickle viewers like me will just watch something else.

Or like Bleach where it slots in some rather irrelevant "filler" arc like the Bounto arc which was a huge waste of time, mildly retarded and fucking painful to watch.

Even the good animes have a tendency to commit popularity suicide.

Just my 2 cents, if you're interested.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pussy shot

Jumping onto the infamous Edison pussy shots furore,

I decided to post pussy shots of my own

Here goes












Mighty fine pussy if i do say so myself.

Also, Happy CNY all!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Decaydent thoughts

Original article referenced here

I'm just going to extract some phrases that piqued my interest.

"she told us she had been having a very serious crush on a man who was not her husband. She said the crush bothered her."“It doesn’t seem very realistic to be attracted to only one person for the rest of your life, does it?”

I thought that this was a very interesting read.

Forever and ever surely doesn't exist.

Then again, I might be wrong.

Even I cannot begin to rationalise this but the fact of the matter is we don't really know do we. And many a time we play by ear.

"Nearly all of us agreed it was O.K. to “crush out” on someone, and even to tell our partner or husband (or our couples therapist) about it in an effort to be honest, and thus mature, in our relationships. The unspoken assumption was that it was not O.K. to act on it."

It might be Asian culture but just maybe we're more ... subservient?
Perhaps its better such boundaries are not even visited let alone crossed.
Like a self sensoring belief system in a way.
Simply put, if you take poison you know you'll die.
Adultery is methaphorically the poison to a relationship.

If you do chose to go down that road, YOU are FULLY AWARE that you are committing relationship suicide. It make sense and it doesn't take 10 visits to a therapist to tell you that.

So is there reason to take back a cheating partner?

"he wanted to see other people because monogamy was “a bourgeois construct,” I reluctantly went along with him for about a year, thinking that dismantling the dominant paradigm was the right, countercultural thing to do."

I remember a reading about body being a discourse.
What really seperates the human mind from animals is probably our ability to rationalise. Its sad if women are perceived as baby making factories while men spread their seeds. And there's nothing bourgeois about being empowered to do so. But not to, is moving back a step to humankind.

A little convention and modesty, goes along way but that's what makes us human

Birthday post-mortem

I've been so busy that I've hardly had time to catch a breather.

Food was ok.

The BIG surprise was ... There was NO surprise.

Thank you for those who sent well wishes.
Heh. This year actually quite alot lah.
Must be the friendster reminders.

Aside from the fact that I have a new Anime to watch,
quite alot happening on the personal frontier,
will post more deets when plans firm up.
Dizzy with excitement.

And NO I'm not getting married.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Spiderman - How it should have ended

I couldn't resist. This is too funny not to share.

Oh my ...

Is just it me or does it spell BUTTS*X?

The last customer

He seemed like a decent bloke, his dressing befitting what she classifies as the typical nerd.
When she first checked him out, he was dressed in khaki tailored pants, a yellow clean polo tee and lugged around a black haversack. He was neither spotty or hunched-backed or ugly in any sense. Not wanting to let this opportunity get away so easily she licked her faux Chanel hot red lips.

"This was going to be so easy," she thought to herself.

She wasn't the first girl he had in mind. He was so guarded. Every step to be executed with precision.He's never kissed a girl before let alone spend the night with one. Nevermind, she was so willing and eager to please that girl.

She couldn't believe her luck when he said that he needed her the whole night.

The pair didn't check into a love hotel, but a 4 star hotel.He had done his homework, he needed a 4 poster bed for the perfect setting and that was one of the few places that had them.

When they arrived at the room, there was no passionate kissing. Unlike with other dirty old men who would already started getting warmed up in the lift, fondling, caressing and preparing for the obvious. He was stiff and mumbled his instructions.

Instead, he unpacked his black haversack and mounted a tripod. He said she could take a shower if she wanted to while he was occupied. And she did. She thought that he was kinkier than he looked.

She emerged from the shower radiant from the too warm water wearing nothing but the hotel towel wrapped around her. The camera was set. She didn't protest when he bound her with rope. or when he gagged her. She was still so ... eager to please.

The rope went around her neck following her petite bustline and around her hands in a tight dead knot. He had used a different rope for her small feet.

He could smell her intense excitement, her eyes said it all, she was longing to be ravaged.
She just wanted to cut to the part where they would fuck. She was horny and excited by this new thing they were trying.


The morning after ....
It was the chambermaid that found the girl's naked body. She was still gagged and it was only later that the police determined that she was suffocated by a pillow case. She had put up quite a struggle. The ropes that she was bound with were stained with dried blood that cut into her soft young flesh.

She was a university student and a part time model, exotic dancer, social escort.
She was only 20 years old and came from a family that didn't do really well.

He wanked to the footage that he had newly acquired and recalled fondly how she was so eager to please.


The last time "someone" challenged me to Where's Wally, I beat him 6-3.
If you're thinking that 9 is such an odd number its because we gave up on 1 coz we couldn't find the freakin dog's tail and the whole page was filled with imposter Wallys.

So in response to "you cannot write morbid stories"

That's one to rise up to the challenge.
I might write my own obituary next.
I CAN do morbid.