Friday, September 26, 2008

Touched by a princess

SoPPy says:
awww weilin i feel like crying
SoPPy says:
i think i'm an emo wreck
Will says:
pls la sop

Photo credit: Zela (stock.xchng)
Will says:
stop eating deep fried lard
Will says:
and later ASTONS the beef fats
SoPPy says:
i like
SoPPy says:
find me a man who will let me eat fats and lard
Will says:
a(n) ah pui?
SoPPy says:
nope someone who is happy because i am happy
Will says:
im sure u will find somebody
SoPPy says:
i don't think that's helping
Will says:
SoPPy says:
i think human relations are ... complicated
Will says:
it is, trust me
Will says:
but its sth we cant live w/o too
Will says:
hey babe, most importantly is u feel gd abt urself.
Will says:
i gtg... cheer up k, if not u can always call me... LOVE Princess

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reality Bytes.

There were many things I cannot bring myself to not understand -- Rocket science, gender equality, racial discrimination, why the scent of Polo colonge (Polo the brand not the mints) turns me on, why the good things in life are so bad for us. Butter, alcohol, cigs, fried lard. Ooooh fried lard. The thing that baffles me the most is human relations.

The following is inspired by this

Image from

Dear Nick,

For many years we have been Nick and Natalie, after you left I struggled to find the soul within myself that made me. Me and not your better half. I was your better half remember that.

I am greatful that I no longer have to sit through your sorry excuses, your empty promises, the big bag o' bullshit about making plans and having a future together yada yada.

I cannot bring myself to believe the crap about you needing space to develop your career. Make up a better story, something fresh something new. While you're at it, don't crawl back to me because you and your new squeeze didn't work out. I spent 10 years of my youth on you. Tell your bitch that's 70 dog years.

Piss off and go suck donkey balls.

I miss you. I'm happy that you're happy. 


Monday, September 22, 2008

Cheanea's suspicions have been confirmed --

I'm not of this world. My alien species mate by shaking hands.
All minions must shake the queen's hands.
As seen by Shaun.

Oh and if you didn't know, not all penguins mate for life, one of the species that does is the Galápagos penguins and they're really cute.

My million dollar question for today is "What do you do, if u found someone u cannot live without. And you just can't get it together."

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am no way critical of the related persons, this post is related to me and my thoughts on the recent chain of current happenings.

My first brush with joining a petition was to petition for one of our tutorials in poly to be brought forward as there was a retarded 3 hour break in between for an hour's class for the last class of the day. We all agreed that we could all be doing something more condusive. We consulted the lecturer in question and she said okay as long the school approves. The class rep at that time gathered the class signatures and submitted it to our programme manager. The next day our class got a dressing down, the lecturer that agreed to the change was given a stern warning and our careperson (equivalent to form teacher) also gave us a lecture.

I remember lashing out at our very nice (no sarcasm intended) careperson that she doesn't know what the hell she was talking about. I remembered feeling upset for the other lecturer, we shared her tears. She was cornered by the board and penalized for siding with the students. As for our care person, I understood that she was disappointed in us but she just echo-ed the chorus of the higher ups that had given us the exact same lecture.
Pissed off, I stood up to defend the other lecturer, details are a bit fuzzy but I remembered it was about the school being deliberately unreasonable and inflexible, and I'm sure she did it in everyone's best interest. It was a heated debate and I ended up making her cry. It was a personal victory for me. Or was it?

Looking back on the whole ordeal it is rather dumb. I mean at school level, management sort of told us something along the lines of, "You think your father own the school ah?" and told us to go fly kite. Our class, class A lost its appeal against the school, things went back to normal. Well not quite, I became quite known as the one that flew over the cuckoos nest.

Anyway, I see a similar situation brewing in my new class, in attempt to rationalise the whole situation it brought me back to such memories of the past. I hear a lot of loud whispers of unhappiness but nobody thinks of what they want to get out of it, what can be done, when they want it to be done, at what cost, worst still not everybody wants the same thing. Some say change! Some say oh I just wanted to rant, no collective opinion, everything is in a mess.

This reminds me of a t-shirt I once saw that reads.
"No guts no glory, no brains same story."

I am in no way trying to initiate some kind of a revolution or rile up the people. But I criticize the lack of agenda. If I had to pick a role, I'd rather be the political commentator.

Imagine if Obama got up to say: I want change but erm ... i don't know how long it'll take, errrr I'm not sure what I'm unhappy about either I just know that I'm UNHAPPY so all of you peeps who want to be unhappy with me. (Damn that bad rap music) Let's all have a blast being unhappy and angry at the current situation -- Do you think anyone will take him seriously?
Don't even have to go till the extent of using Obama as an example. What about Dr. Chee?

We are communication students FFS. If we cannot advocate change who can?
Taken from WATER7 (uncredited but looks like Banksy's work)

On the flipside of reality, I realised that many people don't have an opinion, again loud whispers I hear. This is the product of an excellent social experiment. If we all can't get along and agree, why bother to change anything at all. Perhaps my ideas are too liberal for my time for my own good.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm plugging this from Float's new song Sementara because its such a pretty lyric:

"sementara... akan kukarang cerita tentang mimpi jadi nyata
untuk kita berdua"

It roughly translates to, meanwhile ... let me tell you of a story of a dream that becomes reality just for the two of us.

It has a beautiful P Ramli old skool feel to it.
I saw it on Mandy's MSN which transpired this conversation,

SoPPy says: are u having some sort of a honeymoon-ey baby producing moment
mandy says: nope y?
SoPPy says: its a pretty lyric
mandy says: i know and a very good song click the link
SoPPy says: Yup. u know its one of those songs that give us unrealistic expectations of our mundane lives
SoPPy says: i'm feeling bitchy and cynical

Catty Post

I was at home clearing somewhat of the remainder of my AL. It's amazing what I miss on days when I'm not at home. I mean the pictures do not do justice to the real thing. These pictures pretty much sums up why Boy is my favourite.

Boy turns fourteen years old this December. I can't help but wonder how many years he has left. I know its a morbid thought, I had a discussion about this with Wayne about pet lifespans. As far as I'm concerned Boy will live FOREVER. He's such a pretty thing. He's also no longer the bug/lizard exterminator extraordinaire, he's so old that he has trouble seeing past his nose anything smaller than his paw.
I know its weird to be saying this, I saw a lizard about 3-4 inches long (inclusive of its creepy looking detachable tail) I was pointing it out to Boy to rip it to pieces but his eyes failed him and he ended looking at me quizzardly as if I saw a naked apparation. 10 years ago he would have tore that bugger to pieces I swear.

And that's us trying out the photobooth application on the Mac. We were posing in a hello kitty-isque photo ... hello kitty got no mouth remember?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fiction inspired by real people 1008

She smiled to herself that day. She always prided herself as a woman of the future, independant, bold and most importantly -- by nature not the clingy sort. They didn't need to hold hands when they were out. In fact the thought of his hand enveloping her tiny hand seemed slightly intimidating and made her palms sweaty. And not in a hot flashy kind of nervosity but a painfully distressing one.

He was a vision of confidence and intelligence that emboldened her. In person he was a larger than life character yet he possessed a faltering flakeness she could not comprehend. He was like rows and rows of validated numbers that didn't quite add up. Sometimes he was vulnerable, sometimes he was honest and most of the time he was himself the self assured bloke. Bloke, not dude not guy.

There were times when all she wanted to do was to reach out to him and say that she empathised. And deep down inside she really knew what he was feeling. Feelings about fear, about confusion about hope or the lack of. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly while counting to ten. Then it came to her. The few memories he left behind.

He reminded her of kisses on her back, cuddles under warm sheets, coffee and city hall.

Monday, September 8, 2008

On good days you remind me of ...

Apple trees and rainbows, the season autumn because of the breeze and leaves that turn red, sashimi and ramen, big brown shoes, Marlboro cigs, an untainted human smell -- faintly salty, run and raisin, green tea and Phish food ice cream, meat ball subs and medium rare steaks, potato -- fried, baked or boiled. Frogs, warm hugs.

And yet I keep telling myself I'm not in love with you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Talk back

Complete the sentence I would sell my mother for ....

  1. Shaun: A great designer job and a million dollars

  2. Wayne Ree: An awesome pair of (out of production) doctor marten boots i've been looking for for ages, that have the print of the union jack on them

  3. Cheanea: i would sell my mother.... to myself so no one could have her!

Keep em coming!


Sha speaks: i wun sell her for aniting

Rey says: ah, i got one . . .i would sell my mother for people to forget my "welcome to the club" story.

Tola provides picture:

Jixuan says: a button or two for memory of her button nose

CP keeps it simple (instantaneously): $50

Azmi my little cousin (this absolutely cracks me up)

azmi nc - says:
wait does it relate back to your mum?. lol.
SoPPy says:
azmi nc - says:
chey. would have been fun then...
azmi nc - says:
for a tupperware of fish keropok and the exact same mother back

(The cool people at Intagliobox)

Karan says: I "would" but I wouldn't for anything in the world.

Naimi says: foreign investment when it reaches its peak
Sammie says: i would sell my mom for world include all its riches like oil, minerals and most of all people

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Over interlectualizing lyrics ...

That's what you get - Paramore
I simply love the comments on the lyrics.

thee-rockin-ashley says:
think this song is pretty much saying that when it comes to being in a relationship and loving someone, you can't just fall for everything.. cause in a sense, your letting your heart win. And in the end, it's more pain to you..

StrawberrySprinkles says:
To me, this song is about how if we could just fucking think straight, we would not do retarded shit over and over and just keep hurting ourselves. But when we let our hearts win over our heads, pain is all we invite in.

Hate Me - Blue October
About top 10 Most Annoying songs listed Hate Me as No. 5 : Why oh why should clinical self loathing be trotted out as 3 minute pop song soap opera?

In conversation

On my superficiality and genderflexibility ....

Me: I might not help you because u not pretty and don't have big boobs
Him: lol, is it because i am handsome and have man-tits?
Me: i am not going to answer that, I've got a feeling it might be used against me one day.

If you're reading this you know who you are.

With Wayne (fellow pervert) ....

Me: I know a guy who thinks his existence is to put other people in their place. I mean wow, how does one respond to that?

Wayne: You could have said, well, from my understanding, humility isn't the responsibility of pricks and assholes

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Inspired by real people

Next time you wanna scold someone siao or crazy try using meshuggana instead. Yiddish is strange yet at the same time cool. Like disco balls lol.

Monday, September 1, 2008