Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catty Post

I was at home clearing somewhat of the remainder of my AL. It's amazing what I miss on days when I'm not at home. I mean the pictures do not do justice to the real thing. These pictures pretty much sums up why Boy is my favourite.

Boy turns fourteen years old this December. I can't help but wonder how many years he has left. I know its a morbid thought, I had a discussion about this with Wayne about pet lifespans. As far as I'm concerned Boy will live FOREVER. He's such a pretty thing. He's also no longer the bug/lizard exterminator extraordinaire, he's so old that he has trouble seeing past his nose anything smaller than his paw.
I know its weird to be saying this, I saw a lizard about 3-4 inches long (inclusive of its creepy looking detachable tail) I was pointing it out to Boy to rip it to pieces but his eyes failed him and he ended looking at me quizzardly as if I saw a naked apparation. 10 years ago he would have tore that bugger to pieces I swear.

And that's us trying out the photobooth application on the Mac. We were posing in a hello kitty-isque photo ... hello kitty got no mouth remember?


Sarah said...

My kit lived until she was 19. As long as you take good care of him he should be around for a good few years yet!
Mine was also similar in the respect that her vision was going in the final few years. Then her hearing and sense of smell. Location too, it seemed. She'd sleep anywhere and seem to forget where her food bowl was. Then her appetite went nuts, always hungry but wouldn't seem to realise there was food in her bowl.

Silly thing. I miss her so much

Anonymous said...

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