Thursday, September 4, 2008

Talk back

Complete the sentence I would sell my mother for ....

  1. Shaun: A great designer job and a million dollars

  2. Wayne Ree: An awesome pair of (out of production) doctor marten boots i've been looking for for ages, that have the print of the union jack on them

  3. Cheanea: i would sell my mother.... to myself so no one could have her!

Keep em coming!


Sha speaks: i wun sell her for aniting

Rey says: ah, i got one . . .i would sell my mother for people to forget my "welcome to the club" story.

Tola provides picture:

Jixuan says: a button or two for memory of her button nose

CP keeps it simple (instantaneously): $50

Azmi my little cousin (this absolutely cracks me up)

azmi nc - says:
wait does it relate back to your mum?. lol.
SoPPy says:
azmi nc - says:
chey. would have been fun then...
azmi nc - says:
for a tupperware of fish keropok and the exact same mother back

(The cool people at Intagliobox)

Karan says: I "would" but I wouldn't for anything in the world.

Naimi says: foreign investment when it reaches its peak
Sammie says: i would sell my mom for world include all its riches like oil, minerals and most of all people

1 comment:

Jaron said...

nothing.. mummy's not for sale.