Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reality Bytes.

There were many things I cannot bring myself to not understand -- Rocket science, gender equality, racial discrimination, why the scent of Polo colonge (Polo the brand not the mints) turns me on, why the good things in life are so bad for us. Butter, alcohol, cigs, fried lard. Ooooh fried lard. The thing that baffles me the most is human relations.

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Dear Nick,

For many years we have been Nick and Natalie, after you left I struggled to find the soul within myself that made me. Me and not your better half. I was your better half remember that.

I am greatful that I no longer have to sit through your sorry excuses, your empty promises, the big bag o' bullshit about making plans and having a future together yada yada.

I cannot bring myself to believe the crap about you needing space to develop your career. Make up a better story, something fresh something new. While you're at it, don't crawl back to me because you and your new squeeze didn't work out. I spent 10 years of my youth on you. Tell your bitch that's 70 dog years.

Piss off and go suck donkey balls.

I miss you. I'm happy that you're happy. 



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Awwww, post note - I tend to put more thought in the storytelling process. This letter was to highlight how love brings out the worst and best of us. That's always the case eh.