Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm plugging this from Float's new song Sementara because its such a pretty lyric:

"sementara... akan kukarang cerita tentang mimpi jadi nyata
untuk kita berdua"

It roughly translates to, meanwhile ... let me tell you of a story of a dream that becomes reality just for the two of us.

It has a beautiful P Ramli old skool feel to it.
I saw it on Mandy's MSN which transpired this conversation,

SoPPy says: are u having some sort of a honeymoon-ey baby producing moment
mandy says: nope y?
SoPPy says: its a pretty lyric
mandy says: i know and a very good song click the link
SoPPy says: Yup. u know its one of those songs that give us unrealistic expectations of our mundane lives
SoPPy says: i'm feeling bitchy and cynical

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