Thursday, January 29, 2009


2008 - a girl and her pussay 
This pic is so old that looking at it kinda makes me want to tear. I was probably 10-12 years old then. Boy looks huge in my arms. Yup its the same cat. Been more than a decade since, how can I not feel nostalgic; its a piece of my history.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A CNY autopsy

Dear Nainai, 

It's the 2nd year that you haven't been with us. It hasn't been the same. Nobody bothers to open the chilli packets during the reunion dinner because I'm too lazy. At least in the past we both took chilli. Auntie Kim buys fish from the supermarket. I know. WTH. I suspect she finds wet markets too unsanitary. 

I've inherited your jade earrings because the aunties think they're too obiang to wear. I'm still not seeing anyone exclusively. I'm glad I'm still single, at least I didn't chose wrongly. The aunties also told me that we share the same blood group. That's kinda cool. I also wish I inherited your lady luck in striking lottery. I don't donate money to Singapore Pools so I reckon I'll never really know for sure. Perhaps for the big draw.   

The children grow up so fast. We had the noisiest CNY this year, it'll only get worst until all of them hit a pubescent age. I think I'm getting a little too old for this, in fact, I feel old. 

We miss you much. At least I do. 

Your favourite granddaughter

Friday, January 23, 2009

Work Mischief

Edit: By popular demand, the good peeps who I lepak @ starbucks with have suggested I put up a chatbox. It's up. Ta-daaaaaaaaaa. 

My work place has a few "celebrities."
Wonder what's got him so happy?

It was KH's birthday so we decided to sabo him. 
There were stickers all over his cubicle.
And there was even a note:

Also for Wayne,

Gymnastics got hoop one okay.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Soapy’s media consumption


Weekly Japanese Anime -

Soul Eater



When I’m really bored

Vampire Knight

Gai Rei Zero

Skip Beat


Perez Hilton


Youtube, crunchyroll, insert movie site


Rom-coms, the international arty farty stuff, HK movies

Social Networking

Facebook – this itself is rather strange coz I’ve been hooked to Pet Society, can study the adverse effect of applications affecting social aspect in social networking. Heh.


Fark  - Really entertaining



Class 95 and sometimes 98.7 (I’m kinda getting too old for the latter but I’m love contemporary pop culture.)


Newspapers, mags and books,


Cable – I usually channel surf between lifestyle, education, cartoons and the movie channel.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Eye candy

New posts about him will be referred to as 12FH, short for the 12th Floor hottie. 

What should have gone down in the lift while I was alone with him:

12FH: Which floor?
Me: 9th (and then proceeds to press it, he reaches for it too and our fingers meet) 
12FH: Hi
Me: Heh, are you new
12FH: Yes, I'm from xxx dept
Me: Ah okay, I'm from xxx dept
12FH: I remember you from the games
Me: Really?
12FH: Yup, you were the one who suggested your team cut out two holes from your green headbands and wear them like ninja turtles. 
Me: Ah yes and you were in the white group who wore headbands as headbands, so uninspiring
12FH: Haha, but there's never been a green ninja turtle though.
Me: Yup, Raphael was red, Michealangelo was orange, Leonardo was blue and Donatello was purple. 
12FH: Wow. 
Me: Yes, I've always wanted to impress a guy by channeling my inner geek of my knowledge of ninja turtles. 

Le sigh
He's really cute. I suspect it's the big black plastic framed glasses. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First post for 2009

My little sister's birthday falls on the 1st of Jan, poor thing lah her, almost every year (last year being an exception) I sleep half the day away half hungover. Yesterday being no exception, I could not remember what happened half the night, how I ended up with blistered feet or how I even had a change of clothes when I got home. 

I guess the end of a year brings a time where one should reflect upon one's achievements; list them out and decide what they want for coming year. Traditionally I would do that but it would also mean weighing out if I've been naughty or nice for the year. I'm really in no mood for an audit. I'd like to think I'm a healthy balance of both give and take a little. 

New Year's resolutions are simple. 

1. Make better decisions; better meaning more informed and responsible. 

2. Be more vain. Looking thru facebook and the pictures I've been taking I really wonder wtf happened lah. I dress like an auntie, feel like an auntie and then attempt to coop myself up at home watching anime wasting the day away. Being vain also means dragging the FBC out on walks, dressing up for dates, now that I'm actually dating again (although not exclusively), getting a tan, working on looking pretty. 

3. Being more frugal and eating better. I'm an okay cook, I don't know why i put up with eating unhealthy rubbish (re: oil absorbing beehoon that coagulated after a while) lunch that makes me feel like shit when I could pack something more nutritious that tastes heaps better. Oh I remember Jude telling me that I should be a shareholder of Comfort with the number of cab rides I take :( this definitely must change! 

4. More Me time - Reading, self reflection ... speaking of which there's a list I'm supposed to work on, anything that makes me feel better and staying happy.

5. Making time for my friends. Especially the great ones. They deserve it.