Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A CNY autopsy

Dear Nainai, 

It's the 2nd year that you haven't been with us. It hasn't been the same. Nobody bothers to open the chilli packets during the reunion dinner because I'm too lazy. At least in the past we both took chilli. Auntie Kim buys fish from the supermarket. I know. WTH. I suspect she finds wet markets too unsanitary. 

I've inherited your jade earrings because the aunties think they're too obiang to wear. I'm still not seeing anyone exclusively. I'm glad I'm still single, at least I didn't chose wrongly. The aunties also told me that we share the same blood group. That's kinda cool. I also wish I inherited your lady luck in striking lottery. I don't donate money to Singapore Pools so I reckon I'll never really know for sure. Perhaps for the big draw.   

The children grow up so fast. We had the noisiest CNY this year, it'll only get worst until all of them hit a pubescent age. I think I'm getting a little too old for this, in fact, I feel old. 

We miss you much. At least I do. 

Your favourite granddaughter

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