Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Eye candy

New posts about him will be referred to as 12FH, short for the 12th Floor hottie. 

What should have gone down in the lift while I was alone with him:

12FH: Which floor?
Me: 9th (and then proceeds to press it, he reaches for it too and our fingers meet) 
12FH: Hi
Me: Heh, are you new
12FH: Yes, I'm from xxx dept
Me: Ah okay, I'm from xxx dept
12FH: I remember you from the games
Me: Really?
12FH: Yup, you were the one who suggested your team cut out two holes from your green headbands and wear them like ninja turtles. 
Me: Ah yes and you were in the white group who wore headbands as headbands, so uninspiring
12FH: Haha, but there's never been a green ninja turtle though.
Me: Yup, Raphael was red, Michealangelo was orange, Leonardo was blue and Donatello was purple. 
12FH: Wow. 
Me: Yes, I've always wanted to impress a guy by channeling my inner geek of my knowledge of ninja turtles. 

Le sigh
He's really cute. I suspect it's the big black plastic framed glasses. 


WR said...

THAT'S not geeky; that's bloody common knowledge.

Pointing out that they all wore red masks in their original appearances when they were independent comic characters that were created as spoofs of two of the most popular comics at the time ("Daredevil" and "Uncanny X-Men")? THAT'S geeky.

I swear, it's insulting how loosely people toss around that word these days.


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