Thursday, January 1, 2009

First post for 2009

My little sister's birthday falls on the 1st of Jan, poor thing lah her, almost every year (last year being an exception) I sleep half the day away half hungover. Yesterday being no exception, I could not remember what happened half the night, how I ended up with blistered feet or how I even had a change of clothes when I got home. 

I guess the end of a year brings a time where one should reflect upon one's achievements; list them out and decide what they want for coming year. Traditionally I would do that but it would also mean weighing out if I've been naughty or nice for the year. I'm really in no mood for an audit. I'd like to think I'm a healthy balance of both give and take a little. 

New Year's resolutions are simple. 

1. Make better decisions; better meaning more informed and responsible. 

2. Be more vain. Looking thru facebook and the pictures I've been taking I really wonder wtf happened lah. I dress like an auntie, feel like an auntie and then attempt to coop myself up at home watching anime wasting the day away. Being vain also means dragging the FBC out on walks, dressing up for dates, now that I'm actually dating again (although not exclusively), getting a tan, working on looking pretty. 

3. Being more frugal and eating better. I'm an okay cook, I don't know why i put up with eating unhealthy rubbish (re: oil absorbing beehoon that coagulated after a while) lunch that makes me feel like shit when I could pack something more nutritious that tastes heaps better. Oh I remember Jude telling me that I should be a shareholder of Comfort with the number of cab rides I take :( this definitely must change! 

4. More Me time - Reading, self reflection ... speaking of which there's a list I'm supposed to work on, anything that makes me feel better and staying happy.

5. Making time for my friends. Especially the great ones. They deserve it.

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