Saturday, February 28, 2009

If I was queen of the world, there'd be no love songs, romantic novels or movies.

I caught Becoming Jane today, was rather tempted at channel switching, period dramas were never my thing even though I have great respect for Jane Austen as a writer but after a while her stories get a little blah, always between the dichotomy of social classes, likened the plots of modern day Korean dramas. And then what?

James McAvoy and his beautiful, baby blues.

“What value would there be in life if we are not together.”

Apparently lots. Had she eloped with Tom Lefroy, the man wouldn’t have gone to become who he became and she wouldn’t have devoted her life in writing. 

Watching the movie, the question of historical accuracies aside, I thought it gave a little insight to what type of person she was and how cold reality is. With that in mind, I do believe that genuinely they gave each other their hearts and love to last their lifetimes. 

Jane Austen never married. 

It is though, on the creepy side, to have her “ex” name his first born after her.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In conversation

On my the choice of MSN nick,

the good eek says: 
someone's cleeeeeearly not a big solitaire fan
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
the good eek says: 
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
shaddup u non-single insensitive bastard
the good eek says: 
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
*sucker punches*
the good eek says:
i am very sensitive to single folk, dammit! i was single and not getting any for four years. there is no one more sympathetic!!
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
this can go on FOREVER u hear me
the good eek says:
*shows off jock strap, then yoga flames your ass*
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
wtf is yoga flame!
the good eek says: 
dahlseem's move
the good eek says: 
Soapy - tired of the games you play says:
*pulls an ULTIMATE wedgie with jock strap, thus deflecting yoga flames*
the good eek says: 
... that's physically impossible
the good eek says: 
who play game with you? tell me!
the good eek says:
i settle!

And when you think it can't get any better .....

Soapy - tired of the games you play says:
u are masochistic u know that
the good eek says: 
i am actually quite gentle, believe it or not
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
because u are the one who has to bend over
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
of course u have to be quite gentle
the good eek says:
i curse you with nightmares of me and other men of my caliber getting it on
Soapy - tired of the games you play says:
well if they're good looking and u are bending down i can hardly see u
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
its ok
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
i might welcome that thought
the good eek says:
i said men of my caliber.
the good eek says: 
actually, no. scratch that. i curse you with the thought of five guys who all look exactly like me (my clones if you will) getting it on.
the good eek says: 
so there.
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
too late
the good eek says: 
it's never to late to curse
the good eek says: 
Soapy - tired of the games you play says:
the disc has already be written
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
u've missed the boat
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
better luck next time
the good eek says: 
you say these things, but i know the thought's already seeped into your subconcious. i hope you wake up screaming with a terrible need to claw out your eyes.
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
well i'll just dream of u having a vagina
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
i'll wake up laughing
Soapy - tired of the games you play says: 
and go hahaha. i always knew that
the good eek says: 
fuck, i'd laugh after waking up from that dream

Office mischief part 3


This made me smile. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In conversation

Soapy:i want the whole walmart
Soapy:and a slave

aaron:that sounds like a lot

Soapy:u can get the slave to help u carry the whole walmart

aaron:i think america ran out of slaves quite a while back

Soapy:how abt oompaloompas?

aaron:hmm i'll have to check about that
aaron:anyway i'm going to catch some zzzz's talk to u again soon


aaron:but feel free to let me know if u need anything

As seen

Facebook on my colleague's 25 things meme:

"I had a relationship that lasted nearly 7 years. Cruise control is a dangerous thing."

Somehow, I can so identify with this. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Olive, Lizard theories and some other.

The olive theory (lifted from How I met Your Mother) propounds that while 1 half of a couple loves olives, the other hates them. Essentially, it's affirms how opposites attract. Parallel to the olive theory, WL and I came up with the lizard theory. He gave me a serious face when he said, "Do you know I'm scared of lizard?"

We both agreed that our future partners should not be afraid of lizards. 

As for my "list" I thought that it'd be nice to have if he reads at least 2 different newspapers a day and the Economist. There's something really sexy about a man who reads the paper. 

Crime and punishment

The blog's in a public domain, things that I want to leave for myself are usually written in some kind of a cryptic language.

“The guilty is he who meditates a crime; the punishment is his who lays the plot”

I replayed the past events in my head like a visual recording. Did I lead him on or did he lead me on? I only knew that the feeling brought me one of familiarity. Other than a first, guilt doesn't allow me to forget. I know I have the keys to the driver's seat. I should really pick myself up and starting now. On a random note, I have Snow Patrol's Run on my player.

I think its time for another tattoo. Well almost. Other than boy's paw print I haven't really thought of anything else that was deeply meaningful. Perhaps a portrait of my late grandma.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My listening Ear

For the longest time, I told myself that I'd be okay but subsequent events that follow always suggest otherwise. I started to doubt, even what I tell myself. After a heart to heart talk, the type that tests your friendship for better or worst. I finally appreciate its full value and glory. 

There's nothing more I can ask for than a friend who wants to be my listening ear and someone who will be there for me. I'll be ok. 


I accompanied someone to shop for a pair of running shoes. He shops like a girl. Seriously. He must have tried at least 6 different sets of shoes before settling for the one. Now that he’s made his decision. I hope he’s satisfied and stops getting injuries. 

FBC once said I write like a boy. The girls say that my mind is corrupted beyond salvation. I think my outing today just confirms this. Before lunch at Ikea (we were making fun of how the ang mohs pronounce it as “Eye-kay-ah”) I had a mad case of the giggles thanks to him for testing out a pillow.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?,” I asked still giggling.

He looked at me unsure, then he said loudly,

“Yah I know you’re thinking about better leverage right”

After which I quietly walked away because people started to stare. We then proceeded to view more questionable furniture. One of the hot favourites being a shiny stainless steel surgical table like trolley. Kinky, as I thought of a nicely rounded peach-shaped naked ass would giggle, pressed against it. Damn the Swedes for making such fine furniture. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Just as I was about to step out of the house with my prehistoric hibernating pair of rollerblades. The sky decided to cry. Will gym instead. I'm committed to this exercise thing. 

I've also decided that dating is too much work. I give up. I would rather hang out with WL, Sha and her Apalamoorthy or my gay cousin. 

My wingman's the BEST. We got tickets to Coldplay. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mischief part 2.

Val's desk, while waiting for E, our itchy fingers decided to wrap up Val's stationery in newspaper.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Me: I hate the SG dating scene, guys under 29 are deliberately trying to siam relationships. When they hit 30, they scramble to get married. It’s not fair. I mean what is the rationale behind this and where do I stand amongst this nonsense?

WL: Well to them its like, why play 1 hole golf when you can play 18 holes.

I felt kinda fucked up after this. I feel quite jaded with the whole affair. What happened to loyalties? I don’t want to be part of the 18 hole game.

The topic of marriage came up during lunchtime conversation today. Nat asked if I wanted to settle down. I don't want to say I want get married because its not what I want, I want to find someone who was worth settling down for. It sounds like a more logical sequence this way. 

Friday, February 13, 2009

In conversation

jar0n - * says: u saw sparks?
jar0n - * says: hmm?
I say: coldplay song
jar0n - * says: cheeeey
jar0n - * says: haah
I say: heh
I say: i'm dreading valentine's day
jar0n - * says: you dont say..

(On wearing the birthday pressie Jan gave)
I say: yah i'm going to wear that pretty thing tmr
I say: with my date with weilin and his friend
Sha says: whhooohh!!!
Sha says: double date>
I say: no
I say: its more like 3-some
I say: MFF
Sha says: whipidodahdeh

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Getting some love from the lovely peeps at the office.

Nike Sale : 5~8 Feb

Monday, February 9, 2009

Never say never

1. Height not equal or greater than 1.76m
2. Comes from single child family
3. Younger than me, 3 years and abit.

Sha was practically ROFL-ing all over the place.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday wish 2009.

I was secretly hoping someone would flash me their boobs.

Best birthday wish so far

Recycled text from Cheanea - May old age bless you with new personality new attitude and best of all my dearest new sex positions to add to your sexume!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

In Conversation with the ex sch mate turned male flight attendant

Soapy says: (7:57:42 PM)
hey ash
Soapy says: (7:57:46 PM)
where have u been
wolfparade says: (8:05:47 PM)
i been in san francisco darling!!
wolfparade says: (8:05:50 PM)
sorry abt yr sexy party 
wolfparade says: (8:05:55 PM)
really wanted to be there though
Soapy says: (8:06:03 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:06:28 PM)
just got back nt too long ago
wolfparade says: (8:06:30 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:06:34 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:07:07 PM)
how was it though? did u have a blast!
Soapy says: (8:08:12 PM)
of course I did
wolfparade says: (8:08:26 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:08:32 PM)
sigh...really feel bad i missed it
wolfparade says: (8:08:39 PM)
was kinda looking forward to it u know?
wolfparade says: (8:08:43 PM)
see u again after a while
Soapy says: (8:09:00 PM)
and u did miss an awesome party
Soapy says: (8:09:01 PM)
Soapy says: (8:09:17 PM)
we'll catch up soon, just that it wouldn't be as sexy 
wolfparade says: (8:09:36 PM)
really!?!!? aww no, dont do this to me now
wolfparade says: (8:09:43 PM)
mean. absolutely mean
Soapy says: (8:09:52 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:10:03 PM)
skool tmrw?
Soapy says: (8:10:11 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:11:39 PM)
tt sux..but no matter u always end early dont u luv?
Soapy says: (8:12:05 PM)
Soapy says: (8:12:21 PM)
now that if taken out of context is a very funny sentence
wolfparade says: (8:12:48 PM)
oh please!!
wolfparade says: (8:12:49 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:12:53 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:13:07 PM)
oops, i just realised tt would also be quite a funny line if taken out of context
Soapy says: (8:13:28 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:13:59 PM)
nonsense girl.
wolfparade says: (8:14:04 PM)
but i love u anyhoos
wolfparade says: (8:14:04 PM)
Soapy says: (8:14:11 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:14:11 PM)
listen darl, i gotta jump in the shower now
wolfparade says: (8:14:17 PM)
got some dinner thing to go for
wolfparade says: (8:14:23 PM)
call/text me anytime k?
wolfparade says: (8:14:30 PM)
u have a great sun night bumming
Soapy says: (8:14:32 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:14:33 PM)
yr fav pastime
Soapy says: (8:14:35 PM)
u have a good dinner
wolfparade says: (8:14:53 PM)
Soapy says: (8:15:02 PM)
spanks and bumming
Soapy says: (8:15:04 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:15:35 PM)
jesus H christ!!
wolfparade says: (8:15:36 PM)
Soapy says: (8:15:49 PM)
ok i'll stop being so randy
wolfparade says: (8:16:12 PM)
go for it.u knw i love tt shit
Soapy says: (8:16:16 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:16:32 PM)
randy ppl who are intelligent n keep finding nuggets of puns all over speech patterns are such a turn on.
Soapy says: (8:17:03 PM)
then u must have been baiting me
wolfparade says: (8:17:11 PM)
but of course.
wolfparade says: (8:17:49 PM)
speak soon luv.
Soapy says: (8:17:58 PM)
wolfparade says: (8:18:13 PM)

Blink and you'll miss it

Recycled texts - Post mortem for the Who the F%$# Are You Party

First and foremost I’d like to thank everyone who came down and made it so awesome. I’ve never really gotten to explaining how I came to this … The WTFRU party is really about reconnecting with all the people who have deemed themselves as friends over the years. 

Perhaps the party should have been Who the F%$# Are You (to me) Party. Heh.

Lots have happened within the past year, the most significant being the end of a long termed relationship of mine. As wise Ellen once said, at least I didn’t chose wrongly. I don't disagree, it’s really not that I mind being single but I really didn’t feel like spending this year’s birthday alone. 

It’s interesting to see that those who were there, have been there all along, with some odd surprises, great to see new faces and slightly disappointing those who were supposedly close that didn't make much of an effort and of course there are those who are too far away, u were with me in spirit and essence. I miss u guys much.

On a grubby note, I didn’t mean to get the Prima Deli and Bengawan Solo cakes. I was really looking forward to some good old fashioned rum-ed up Blackforest from Pine garden which has been a favourite since a few years back. But what to do … went down and they were closed for CNY. When life throws you lemons you make lemonade!

Thank you once again all. 

Photo sets here