Sunday, February 22, 2009


I accompanied someone to shop for a pair of running shoes. He shops like a girl. Seriously. He must have tried at least 6 different sets of shoes before settling for the one. Now that he’s made his decision. I hope he’s satisfied and stops getting injuries. 

FBC once said I write like a boy. The girls say that my mind is corrupted beyond salvation. I think my outing today just confirms this. Before lunch at Ikea (we were making fun of how the ang mohs pronounce it as “Eye-kay-ah”) I had a mad case of the giggles thanks to him for testing out a pillow.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?,” I asked still giggling.

He looked at me unsure, then he said loudly,

“Yah I know you’re thinking about better leverage right”

After which I quietly walked away because people started to stare. We then proceeded to view more questionable furniture. One of the hot favourites being a shiny stainless steel surgical table like trolley. Kinky, as I thought of a nicely rounded peach-shaped naked ass would giggle, pressed against it. Damn the Swedes for making such fine furniture. 

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