Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Over interlectualizing lyrics ...

That's what you get - Paramore
I simply love the comments on the lyrics.

thee-rockin-ashley says:
think this song is pretty much saying that when it comes to being in a relationship and loving someone, you can't just fall for everything.. cause in a sense, your letting your heart win. And in the end, it's more pain to you..

StrawberrySprinkles says:
To me, this song is about how if we could just fucking think straight, we would not do retarded shit over and over and just keep hurting ourselves. But when we let our hearts win over our heads, pain is all we invite in.

Hate Me - Blue October
About top 10 Most Annoying songs listed Hate Me as No. 5 : Why oh why should clinical self loathing be trotted out as 3 minute pop song soap opera?

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