Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catching up

On days I don't work I finally get to catch up with long lost friends.

Well maybe not so lost,
but I really treasure the bunch where we don't meet up but when we do,
It’s a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng talk cock session much ado about nothing.

And on sessions like these the usual sentence constructor would typically go like ... "Do you remember when."

Secondary school is like a life changing experience, at least for me.

Put 40 different individuals into one room and you get a whole eco system.
There will be hegemony, classification and even cannibalism to a certain extent.
And that was in the late 90s. I doubt much has changed now.

It’s just that kids are just more well-informed.

Anyways, all this reminiscing made me think of the lives of people that I’ve probably screwed up.

An instance where absolute power corrupts absolutely;
there was this boy who was absolutely nasty to me.

The very first day I put him on my hit list was after an examination in Secondary 1, I was tired and mentally exhausted. I remember him grinning like an idiot, asking me to check out a classmates boobs. I politely ignored and then he went on to describe in graphic detail about jerking off to boobs.

He was undoubtedly a royal pain in the arse. And after that every time he did something stupid, I’d tell on him, which in turn made him on almost every teacher’s wanted list.

And somehow being the geeky class committee member helped me get away with this. I mean looking back; I asked myself did I really start the ruin of someone’s life by being the mean girl.

I liked secondary school, I think it’s as close to real life as it can get.

And I think that even though we make some wrong turns in our lives, it’s about overcoming adversity and just bouncing back, it’s only a matter of time.

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