Saturday, February 9, 2008

Traditions and time wasters

The new year brings a bitter sweet time for me.
I mean it sucks especially that Nai Nai is not around anymore.

I'm in a huge prissy mood.

Some people are down right INSENSITIVE.

Especially if they are those pretending to care

I found myself listening on the aunties who are preoccupied with the Korean Drama fad.

I can't say much for the plot or casting and prefer to look further East for my fix.

Then again I've not reach the age of Auntie-dom ... still can't relate.

But all's not lost, I've kept myself occupied watching anime.
Plug of the moment would be D.Grey-Man which IMHO is a fantastic feed.

I mean I can draw a few similarities between this and more popular titles like
Full metal alchemist, Bleach, Naruto and even Death Note. Perhaps it’s the tasteful blend of similarities that makes it a sure hit.

What I did like about the anime:

No excessive boobage, if you're into such things, Rey recommended me a really Ecchi anime called Amaenaideyo, which I’ll talk about when I have the time.

Lots of people die. Its not one of those shows where only the anti-heroes drop dead like flies but I guess you could say that the casualties are heavy on both sides which makes it a lot more realistic.

It's set in different parts of the world. This could well be MY most favourite bit because unlike other anime where it’s only set in Japan even though one of the major battles will be staged in Edo, it takes you to real places around the world with some nice scenes.

Great story telling at the expense of, I would say the fight scenes that appear pretty weak compared to Bleach. Also the depth and development of Akuma, some stuff’s abit off and lame.

I do hope that it doesn't become like Naruto in the sense that it becomes too draggy.

I think it the increased popularity that makes the writers want to cash in on prime time air-time making it waaaaay too retarded and impossible to follow.

If they keep it up I swear they're just shooting themselves in the foot. Fickle viewers like me will just watch something else.

Or like Bleach where it slots in some rather irrelevant "filler" arc like the Bounto arc which was a huge waste of time, mildly retarded and fucking painful to watch.

Even the good animes have a tendency to commit popularity suicide.

Just my 2 cents, if you're interested.

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