Thursday, February 14, 2008

Men who do and men who don't

Without breaking friendly codes of morality, ethic and confidentiality.

A good friend of mine was bitching about some problems that his girlfriend and him are facing. One of which was a quarrel that sparked off about him refusing to pick her up after work at 5.30am in the morning.

The thing is, I've been at this quarrel before with far less unreasonable circumstances.

I had been working 2 jobs and in school, I asked if he could pick me up because I was so tired, I didn't think it'd be safe to doze off in the cab, I texted him to ask me to pick me up.

Best part was he didn't even bother to reply.

Needless to say I flew into a mad rage and got scolded for treating him for granted like a driver and cried myself to sleep because all I could think of that night was a certain someone who would have done exactly that, and for all the right reasons.

And I told him about what I thought.

1. She just finished work at 5.30am, she must be tired

2. 5.30am is an ungodly time to be out, perhaps she thought that she'll feel safer with you around.

3. Maybe she just wanted some time with you

I mean I don't know the girlfriend to side her but I speak with a very rational mindset. And remember that armed robbery slasher case in Sengkang?
Sounds abit far fetched, but you never know what's going to happen, do u want to risk something like that to happen to someone you love.

Well this post is not about my dear friend and his girlfriend or his love life.

This post is about men who do and men who don't.

As if the world is divided into these two guys.

And what if it actually is?
So which side do you stand on?
Happy Valentine's Day all!

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