Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Decaydent thoughts

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I'm just going to extract some phrases that piqued my interest.

"she told us she had been having a very serious crush on a man who was not her husband. She said the crush bothered her."“It doesn’t seem very realistic to be attracted to only one person for the rest of your life, does it?”

I thought that this was a very interesting read.

Forever and ever surely doesn't exist.

Then again, I might be wrong.

Even I cannot begin to rationalise this but the fact of the matter is we don't really know do we. And many a time we play by ear.

"Nearly all of us agreed it was O.K. to “crush out” on someone, and even to tell our partner or husband (or our couples therapist) about it in an effort to be honest, and thus mature, in our relationships. The unspoken assumption was that it was not O.K. to act on it."

It might be Asian culture but just maybe we're more ... subservient?
Perhaps its better such boundaries are not even visited let alone crossed.
Like a self sensoring belief system in a way.
Simply put, if you take poison you know you'll die.
Adultery is methaphorically the poison to a relationship.

If you do chose to go down that road, YOU are FULLY AWARE that you are committing relationship suicide. It make sense and it doesn't take 10 visits to a therapist to tell you that.

So is there reason to take back a cheating partner?

"he wanted to see other people because monogamy was “a bourgeois construct,” I reluctantly went along with him for about a year, thinking that dismantling the dominant paradigm was the right, countercultural thing to do."

I remember a reading about body being a discourse.
What really seperates the human mind from animals is probably our ability to rationalise. Its sad if women are perceived as baby making factories while men spread their seeds. And there's nothing bourgeois about being empowered to do so. But not to, is moving back a step to humankind.

A little convention and modesty, goes along way but that's what makes us human

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