Friday, February 1, 2008

The last customer

He seemed like a decent bloke, his dressing befitting what she classifies as the typical nerd.
When she first checked him out, he was dressed in khaki tailored pants, a yellow clean polo tee and lugged around a black haversack. He was neither spotty or hunched-backed or ugly in any sense. Not wanting to let this opportunity get away so easily she licked her faux Chanel hot red lips.

"This was going to be so easy," she thought to herself.

She wasn't the first girl he had in mind. He was so guarded. Every step to be executed with precision.He's never kissed a girl before let alone spend the night with one. Nevermind, she was so willing and eager to please that girl.

She couldn't believe her luck when he said that he needed her the whole night.

The pair didn't check into a love hotel, but a 4 star hotel.He had done his homework, he needed a 4 poster bed for the perfect setting and that was one of the few places that had them.

When they arrived at the room, there was no passionate kissing. Unlike with other dirty old men who would already started getting warmed up in the lift, fondling, caressing and preparing for the obvious. He was stiff and mumbled his instructions.

Instead, he unpacked his black haversack and mounted a tripod. He said she could take a shower if she wanted to while he was occupied. And she did. She thought that he was kinkier than he looked.

She emerged from the shower radiant from the too warm water wearing nothing but the hotel towel wrapped around her. The camera was set. She didn't protest when he bound her with rope. or when he gagged her. She was still so ... eager to please.

The rope went around her neck following her petite bustline and around her hands in a tight dead knot. He had used a different rope for her small feet.

He could smell her intense excitement, her eyes said it all, she was longing to be ravaged.
She just wanted to cut to the part where they would fuck. She was horny and excited by this new thing they were trying.


The morning after ....
It was the chambermaid that found the girl's naked body. She was still gagged and it was only later that the police determined that she was suffocated by a pillow case. She had put up quite a struggle. The ropes that she was bound with were stained with dried blood that cut into her soft young flesh.

She was a university student and a part time model, exotic dancer, social escort.
She was only 20 years old and came from a family that didn't do really well.

He wanked to the footage that he had newly acquired and recalled fondly how she was so eager to please.


The last time "someone" challenged me to Where's Wally, I beat him 6-3.
If you're thinking that 9 is such an odd number its because we gave up on 1 coz we couldn't find the freakin dog's tail and the whole page was filled with imposter Wallys.

So in response to "you cannot write morbid stories"

That's one to rise up to the challenge.
I might write my own obituary next.
I CAN do morbid.


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