Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boybands fascinate me to no end. The concept of the manufacturing of idols especially. I caught the Attack of the Pin-Up Boys over yesterday and I must admit it annoyed me lesser than Detroit Metal City. Which led to checking out Super Junior over youtube. I've always remembered them as the group with too many people.

13 is a production logistical nightmare. It's simply too many to fit into one frame over a 3-5 minute MV unless you're a bollywood movie. In any case if it was, the focus would be concentrated onto the hero and his best mate. Everyone else just fills space and extra heros always die.

One thing their management did right was to split them into sub-groups to capitalize on their talent pool.

SuJu does make SS501 look like amateurs in this dance battle, based on just dancing alone I think it was a great injustice that they lost.

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