Monday, August 18, 2008


*Sung* I just called to say your aunt's husband is cheating on her
I just called to say how much i care ...

  1. Because I would feel good upon knowledge of such things?
  2. Because Mak Rah would feel good if I told her?
  3. I would really be happy if NOBODY in my family will recognise you. As if YOU never existed.
Why does he love upsetting me so?

After going about my bestfriend duties of assembling Sha's Tiramisu last night, I felt faint and sick in the stomach. After throwing up, my body ached telling me that I was pushing my limits so I sent myself off to bed with 2 asprins.

I'm quite inspired by something today. The last time I had to sit for an exam, the "yardstick" was here. I felt good studying. I will mug for my exams and will not let abovementioned idiot bring me down. I will think positive thoughts. I will drink tonight and sleep happy.

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Absolut said...

Stop drinking so much!