Saturday, November 29, 2008


I caught The Office Party at SRT with the FBC last night. Although its compared to Love Actually, I did think that the story itself lacked a little depth. For one thing, it's a Christmas play amongst the complexity and inter-weaving of the mini stories and characters I found it incredibly depressing. 

There were some funny bits but in the end, there were no happy endings which left me feeling quite fucked. The localization of the play could have been better, the accents were just so confusing. There was too many of them. A good actor doesn't have to speak in an accent just to be understood. 

It's set in a fictional advertising agency and I was telling J about it which affirms why I will not date another guy within the industry. (and by this i mean media) Too much tension, bitching, horny co-workers, frustration and inhumanely long hours.   

On a more personal front, I saw him kiss his mom goodbye. It gives me a heartwarmingly tender feeling I've not felt in years. For a moment, she caught me smiling and she blushed a darker shade of rouge, I said my goodbyes in a really cheery mood.

After breakfast he walks into Subway and orders 2 cookies for himself and 2 for me without asking me. That's quite attractive.

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