Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'd make my own sex tape one day

To even the most cynical people, I say to them it's because they've never given themselves the opportunity to fall in love. 

Love is a wonderful thing - it lets you almost get away with murder, it's the reason for the explosive viral phenomenon called the sex tape and fill your body with endorphines and head with all sort of unrealistic expectations - even for a little while the world would seem perfect :)

Speaking of sex tapes back to the subject title. Unless you're a really considering an amateur turned professional porn career, I cannot see what would possess a girl to be cajoled into being video taped doing the nasty nast. At the end of the day when it gets leaked, it is always the girl at disadvantage. I can imagine the older folk tsk tsk tsking ... 

Ah father mother never teach ah! 

Having said that, I'd do a sex tape but only if he allows me to videotape him in a blonde wig with me and strap-on and him bending over first

I'm sure you can see where my weird fetishes are going but heh ... that's a tale for another time. If he can earn my respect and take it like a man, I don't see why not. 

Wayne says: 
i wanted to comment on your post. your blog hates my comments though. i was gonna say that i would've volunteered if not for a) the strap-on (i got no problem with the blond wig) and b) i'm almost certain that you'd leak that faster than paris hilton can swallow a whole cock but mostly, it's the strap on thing. i'm lesbian. our kind don't like it up the bummy.

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