Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And you'd wonder why I'm still not seeing anyone.

I keep replaying this scene in my head: 

The meeting with the yardstick. 

We had agreed to meet at outside PS, I was walking from Orchard Mandarin. It was a Friday evening and I was strolling down, half excited, worried from not knowing what to say and frustrated at him for canceling on me a month ago. I made out a slim familiar figure in a distance and couldn't help but smile that big silly smile of mine. There he was and he continued to walk towards me. I had consciously put my nervous sweaty hands into my pockets and when we met, he gave me a huge hug. The enveloping, consuming kind and I could not help but put my arms around him. Gently, he tipped my chin upwards to kiss me for what seemed like 2 minutes at least, in front of the Istana, in full view of traffic and passers-by. His first words to me were "I've missed you." 

Me: I waited. (in reference to him canceling on the date he made two months ago slated for the day before)

Him: Seems like you've waited all year for this.

Me: Me? Nah.

Him: Have you been seeing anyone?

Me: On and off but nothing serious.

Him: It must be my distant Melayu blood and Peranakan genes that makes me seem so attractive to you. 

Me: Or not. I say it's natural selection.

And we launch into a conversation about Darwin and Wells. When we first dated some 7 years ago, he was such a self absorbed himbo, so he's gained a little weight in his cheeks and got a little soft at the sides but when we have conversations like these it makes him drop dead appealing. 

I miss you too. If I didn't get to say it. I miss you when you're not here. 

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