Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sleeping with my eyes open.

Despite being a communications student, sometimes I do think that very few people understand me and the way I think. Maybe that's because I hang on to the few that do. Mid month looms closer. As the wicker burns out fast,  I wish I had someone to lean on for sanity. At this point is not about what I've done, but what I am about to do. For a short while I thought I found my roots, and then poof! like an apparition he disappeared into the night as stealthily as he came. 

I wish you were real. For a moment my mind had conjured up a seemingly perfect situation, but the reality was what i had was a shattered antiquity, my hands bleeding from piecing it back together. What's worse than not knowing why it broke? Trying to figure out whether it was worth the effort trying to put it back together. 

I want my life back as it was. I can do with decadence and a far cry from normal. We are all masochistic in our own little ways. Some more than others. 

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