Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deal makers and breakers

Was talking to EW about it over lunch yesterday, apparently somewhere out there exists this catch of a guy who is looking for a female left handed surgeon. He's 30, tall - towers 6 feet and a Harvard graduate.

Mine sounded so much simpler in comparison,

1. He must be able to groove. I.e. not be embarrassed or look embarrassing when he dances. It's a visual and confidence thing.
2. Must have an opinion (VVVIP), we might not be able see eye to eye but he must have a mind of his own.
3. Must like my cooking, which EW said is probably easy

EW (28f) said that hers ideally must be able to speak Chinese, mustn't smoke and must be smart.


Abs said...


Just dropping by to check that my mei is fine. ;)

Anonymous said...

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