Friday, October 16, 2009

En route to being ein Weltburger

Inspired by the lovely AZ. The official languages for the organisation that I work for is English and French. A bunch of pretty, young interns have scheduled language classes over lunch for free which is pretty neat if you ask me. Lessons run for only 45 minutes, out of which 10 minutes is given for a little free play, kinda like pre school where you can ask the "teachers" questions.

For the very first lesson, AZ enthusiastically asked them how to say, "take me to your leader!"
I was completely tickled by this. I'm sure it would prove somewhat useful should she need to conquer little islands in France. I guess anyone else who knows AZ as much as I do, will also know that her quirky and random-ness is nothing out of the ordinary.

Naturally, this got me thinking of the essential things that I should want to pick up when learning a foreign language. This list of course will be a work in progress. Here goes;

1. How much?
2. Is this the best price?

1 & 2 to cater to shopping. Especially when the family expects me to buy a ton of presents/souveniers back all the time.

3. Male prostitute/Male whore.

Combining 1 - 3 gives me a power combo to call on a male whore. I just thought it was cool.

4. Toilet

For relief of a different kind from the combination of 1-3. I'm quite surprised this came after 3 but what the hell.

5. MacDonalds.

So I won't starve, it is after all supposed to be in almost every other country.

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