Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The media practitioner's responsibility

I absolutely detest Love 97.2’s morning show.

It’s corny with a capital C and the music selection just drowns into the general blahness of my mornings. I seriously don’t understand how they can get by just doing morning dedications pranking people for the whole program!?

I know that the Muttons kinda did that back on their morning show but surely one prank is definitely enough to last the day.

Anyway, yesterday morning, Chen Jian Bin or whatshisname egged on a listener to disclose her address. Luckily for him, his partner I’m guessing, instinctively saw red and insisted Nonono, don’t do that.

The silly radio listener would obviously not understand the severity of her actions had she accidentally revealed her address on air.

But Mr Deejay, surely you have some sense of the powerful effects paradigm and a lesson in confidence already. Address is considered personal information you know. Seems that you need a crash course in mass comm more than I do.

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