Sunday, December 21, 2008

CB FUCK!!!!!

!begin rant 

Who the fuck teach you lit review can omit reference one?! Am I supposed to telepathically know where your sources come from or search it out myself? Bladdy hell!!!!

Barry Manilow's rendition of Right Here Waiting sucks ass. Don't mess with the original! 

I heard Susanna and the Magical Orchestra's cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart on Fel's blog (Got to hand it to her for her great taste in music) It sounded so pretty. Then I heard Fall Out Boy's cover and the original. *cringe* It's like they took her Chanel dresses and recorded music out of shredding them to pieces. 

I need a new man whore. I have very short attention spans. Past applicants will not be considered. New ones will go through very stringent screening. Impress me with your best pole dance moves or if you can pick up my drinks tab without bankrupting yourself first. Mingers may not apply. 

!end rant

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