Friday, December 12, 2008

Have I mentioned I love my new job?

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Sent to E CC: LS, 3.59PM

Dear E,
Since u have the biggest desk in our cosy new corner, you are required to allocate some space for us to contain our "hoards" which are not limited to the following:chocolates, biscuits, our growing collection of beverage sachets, instant noodles.
Since we are terrorists, and terrorist demands are seldom negotiable, we expect full cooperation.
Lots of hearts,

Your new neighbours

Format: Email

Sent to Soppy CC: LS, 4.06PM

Dear Soppy,
Oh terrorist-wannabe neighbours (Les Terribles),
That's a wonderful suggestion (demand). You have to ensure that your hostage (lovely me) is well-fed so that you will always have space for your growing food corner (hoard). :D

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Sent to E CC: LS, 4.11PM

Ever so optimistic E. I confirm that your elephant tranquilisers are working great. And yes we treat hostages very well to comply with ISO (Infidels are So Overrated) standards.

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Sent to Soppy CC: LS, 4.53PM

thanks for reminding me about the tranquilisers. need it bad now ... my head is throbbing. how about some medical aid for ze lovely hostage?

Format: Email

Sent to E CC: Soppy, 5.05PM

Soppy has jus gone off to pick up the ransom, so she regrettably is unable to attend to your request. in any case, hostages have to just bear with things until release (if at all). at least that's the case in my experience :-)


Heng didn't get lumped together with the diet bunch.

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