Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fiction - inspired by friends

Philosophie says: (2:30:58 PM)

Give me a setting and occupation

wayne.rée says: (2:31:19 PM)

uh... why?

Philosophie says: (2:33:20 PM)

just give me one

wayne.rée says: (2:33:43 PM)

the desert and accountant

Philosophie says: (2:34:06 PM)

y accountant?

wayne.rée says: (2:34:29 PM)

because it's the last job you'd expect of someone in the desert

wayne.rée says: (2:34:35 PM)

is this some weird fiction exercise?

Philosophie says: (2:34:38 PM)


wayne.rée says: (2:35:35 PM)

thank yeh

Philosophie says: (2:36:33 PM)

the desert thing is so turn off-ish

Philosophie says: (2:36:40 PM)

coz i was thinking of something kinky

Philosophie says: (2:36:48 PM)

but she might get sand in her ...

Philosophie says: (2:37:10 PM)

and he might get abrasions

wayne.rée says: (2:37:19 PM)

so, essentially you just want to write an erotica and needed a main character and a setting. how is that even an exercise in fiction?! 

Philosophie says: (2:37:47 PM)

i'm flexing my creative muscles here

Philosophie says: (2:37:53 PM)

do not question my methodology

Philosophie says: (2:38:20 PM)

its going to be a porn script

wayne.rée says: (2:38:28 PM)

and yet you're not happy with the setting. see, you're just pretending to be exercising, when actually you're slacking off in a corner of a gym.

wayne.rée says: (2:38:55 PM)

oooooooooh, i wanna write a porn script!! i haven't done sex stories in years!! plus, if it gets made, i get my name on the credits!!

Philosophie says: (2:39:06 PM)


Philosophie says: (2:39:27 PM)

i'll slap u with a used rubber dildo from desker

wayne.rée says: (2:39:27 PM)

i was thinking of co-writing with you, but fiiiiiiine. be selfish.

He sat by the café window thinking about the soiree that had occurred the night before. His 3 shot espresso latte had hardly stirred him from the undead he was stirring into.

“At least I feel free. I am free,” he reassured himself. His thoughts shifted to Amanda the accountant. If that was even her name or profession, one could never be sure from a one-night stand.

They had met at a bar in the central business district. She was with some colleagues when he had chatted her up, she already had a drink in hand. It was an uninspiring cosmopolitan. If there was one thing he had picked up, girls with cosmos were definitely more agreeable. Strip her off her expensive vintage Chanel suit, what he saw was a lonely soul who resonates with too much Sex and the City.

Like a tiger on the prowl executed his moves. By the time she had downed her 7th cocktail for the night, she was begging him to take her home, allowed him to grope her in inappropriate places in full view of the public and skillfully taken off her knickers and placed them in his pants pocket.

Her apartment was sparsely furnished. The first thing that caught his eye in her zen inspired apartment was a 3 by 3 sandbox.

The body that encased in the suit that he peeled off was nothing short of amazing, he lapped her up like a mirage in a desert. (Insert 3 different sex positions in graphic detail - you may get as creative or kinky as you want here. I know y'all have filthy minds)

And that was the story of Amanda the accountant. 

All are welcome to provide input on the anti climatic ending, I'm down with a fever and bad throat, can't think of anything that inspiring in that department. So note away ... 

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