Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coffee Prince

Oh regarding my disappearance, I completed an entire K-drama (Coffee Prince) over the Easter weekend. The line up of music was quite good - a handful in English, my only gripe was that they started to repeat some songs later in the show which i suspect is a cost saving measure on licensing. One of my favourites being the one below which has a nice sad tune to it.

I also thought that the way they begun the drama was very Japanese with the CG and whimsical flashbacks incorporated without leaving out the typical Korean elements of a young adult drama (not in order of appearance)

1. Poor girl (check)
2. Rich guy (check)
3. Family opposes relationship (check)
4. Male lead stripping (check)
5. Male/female lead crying so hard until snot runs (check, check check)
6. Plastic looking antagonist (half-check)
Since there was no particular antagonist, but the 2nd lead seemed antagonizingly plastic/ cliche enough.

The homosexual undertones were an interesting twist. At one point of the story, one of the characters Sun Ki who plays a Japanese remarks that, (homosexuality) in Japan was a normal thing and was more acceptable. 
There's been a surge of Koreans remaking Japanese material for their own. Two examples would be Hana Yori Dango (Boys over flowers) and Antique Bakery. I've yet to catch the Korean version for both.

*I'm still dancing** 

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