Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I remember

You wore a red shirt and Levis on my first day of school. I noticed you in the LT amongst the other rowdy boys checking out the freshmen girls. I thought you were a stud. (for the lack of a better word)

I'm not sure what it was that attracted me in the first place but for a moment you had looked straight at me as I was watching you. Our eyes met briefly and I was deeply embarrassed that you caught me looking.

When I first told you this, I remember you laughing at my expense.

You said that to your credit, you remember me for the very same day because I was cute and I had a flat ass that made my jeans fit funny. I was mortified. Then again my butt had never been a real ass-et. I blame my dad's Chinese genes.

After what seems like 8 years after, you still insist that I had singled you out, kiss me and tell me how you can't deny good taste. I remember ... and I'm retardedly happy.

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