Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hearts are meant to be broken

Sometimes it's almost obscene that we look so hard to find what we're looking for that it manifests itself into something purely imaginary.

Emo shite. I've always been good at it. Kapoot.

I movie marathon-ed today. I caught Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, I didn't get the flow of it. For a while I was wondering what was so special about it, eye candy factor was barely there. Weapons-play was alright but it was not as if there were many detailed fight scenes. The story line was rather disappointing, I reckon I could summarize the whole show in 160 char sms. I totally didn't get the bro-mance between Sammo Hung and Andy Lau's character and Maggie Q casting was absolutely weird. She's pretty but too Euro-Asian for a period drama. 

I've also taken a liking for modern Korean shows. I can see the appeal. It's a little late to be jumping on the bandwagon. If you appreciate lewd toilet humour, K-comedy might just be the thing for you. 

Crazy first love was exactly that. The movie opens with an open declaration of love by a boy who strips in front of a crowd to prove his manhood. The humour can be quite slapstick and the lead had a stupid looking 'fro. At the end of the day, its quite an endearing love story. 

I loved the storytelling and detail in He was Cool. Out of the few shows I caught today I thought that there was a little more of a thought process when it came to piecing the movie together. The lead character was so layered with so many sub-plots happening, I thought that it could even fit into a series or mini series. 

Following Lee Ki-woo's filmography, I came across Sad Movie which was anything but happy. It's a combo tragedy that makes you cannot help but feel good after because the characters all befall some form of terrible misfortune - A young son loses his mother to cancer, loss of a fiance to his job, unrequited love and finally learning to let go of a loved one who's moved on. 
Oooh general observation on K-media, their movie stars are better looking as compared to the drama actors where as for the Japanese their celebs do everything from singing to movies, dramas, TVC and endorsements. I guess Sg would be similar in that aspect, the essential difference is that our "celebs" are on the talentless side who's super-stardom is much perceived and limited to housewives. 

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