Monday, April 13, 2009

In conversation - the return of the yardstick (It had to be you)

Original text msg:

I'm back on the (Date)! Be at XXX mrt at 11pm. I'm staying the night.

I was hoping it was him. I was so sure. I just needed his affirmation. It's been a year. Wouldn't kill him to just come clean right? Then I remembered how the romantics and mystery had always been part of his appeal. I miss ...


facebook msg i asked u if u were the one who sent the potentially suggestive text to me


might have been


you half irk me (for not signing off)

i was wondering why my dad would want to meet up at 11pm (at the mrt)


how so?


u jus have to wait at 11 to see who turns up then


if i asked him and got it wrong, i'd probably have to sit thru a half hour lecture abt the birds and the bees

*grin* I'll see you then

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