Friday, March 7, 2008

The lies I tell ...

Q: So how was your dinner date yesterday dress up until so pretty.

A: It was great, we went for nice slow dinner.
Japanese food. A new place at City Hall.

What it was supposed to be: I got stood up, I ended up at the restaurant where I worked part time so that I didn't have to be alone and moping in all pathetic-ness and I could charge my stupid phone that was running low batt. I didn't eat anything because I was waiting for that stupid fool to come, had a super late dinner, so angry until want to eat also no mood. Downed a Sangria and double pack vodka orange to lull myself into an alcohol induced sleep. Some people are just THAT considerate. I FUCKING HATE YOU.

Just when the future seems so bleak and screwed up, I'm thankful for my saving graces.

Judy's latest blog post cheered me up tremendously.
Like 3 folds, and there's Andy and tortoise sex.

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