Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rules of engagement

The dynamics of cheating differs vastly from men to women. Women are much more likely to get jealous and all but the idea of a relationship is not only about being physically there but has a very emotional aspect to it as well.

I think BM once wrote about Facebook flirting/fidelity. So does virtually "kissing" or "hugging" someone wrong?

Sidetracking abit ... Anyway if you're a girl, and you want to be perpetually hugged and kiss, look for Norman Tan, he's such a slut. An available one at that. I endorse Norman Tan.

Anyways, I was chatting to a friend's gf of mine one day. She jokingly commented that she's never heard of me and that *gasp* we had a food blog together.

My relationship with this particular friend of mine was strictly platonic, We started from mere acquaintances back in school and started to talk through learning more about each other thru blogging. I could say that it was mutual respect for each other and eventually go on makan trips both him and me.

Things went well despite being from a small course, the boyfriend used to date someone from his class, after took we took a break from each other. The boyfriend never bothered to tag along our makan trips and we eventually lost contact a few years ago when he got attached and we both got busy.

Anyway, from where I am at work, I could easily give him a call and meet him *and his girlfriend* now that the chap's attached, I don't want to step on anyone else's toes :)

Then there's a goodfriend of mine,

names witheld to protect the innocent i.e ME.

I once told the boyfriend I didn't like his girlfriend, and he said, don't worry the feeling is mutual I wasn't particularly nasty or anything, I love my friend, I just didn't think the person he was dating was really right for him of course being the good friend I am, there's no way in hell I'd openly blurt out such things.

I firmly believe nature will eventually take its course so time will tell eh.

And then there's a novelty of having a part-time boyfriend.

Me and the girls actually formulated this term back in secondary school.
Its nice to see that its come back retro this time.

The concept of a part-time boyfriend differs from fuck buddy as I was explained.
Its a strange feeling of emotional attachment, almost like love without the love and a relationship without the shitty bits.

There was no kissing, no touching, no hugging involved, yet there was this mental connection and dependency and at the end of the day a need to have someone to come home to rant and someone who'd listen without complaint.

Would this "relationship" constitute infidelity though? And then there'd be an issue of one day if him being attached or even lines being crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Those part-time boyfriends, as you call them? There's already a term for them. They're called intellectual whores: All the talking, none of the naughty naughty. (

Also, did you leave a comment on my journal?? If it was you, sorry! I was half awake when I read it and it made no sense to me at the time, so I deleted it thinking it was spam! :P