Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meaningless rants

Runny nose and deadlines aplenty

I caught Leap Years yesterday.
The concept, storytelling aspect of the movie was fantastic.

I loved the little quotes on the calendar and yet how Asian it is, almost like Joy Luck Club while retaining a distinctively Singaporean flavor without trying too hard to be something we’re not. What I really mean is that pseudo Americanised theme that some of our local dramas are guilty of.

The leads are drool worthy. Li-lin shines through her vulnerability. Ananda is just eye candy.
He’s like Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings. I think the reason why he looks so good is because he kinda LOOKS like Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings.

I have to admit this would be the very first local movie I’ve caught at the movie theaters. I don’t speak Hokkien. I think Jack Neo’s jokes are lame, I think local humour is lame post Army Daze.

Its not that I don't support local talent, I like local theater arts scene as opposed to the type of TV which they cater to the masses.

Some obvious bloops: Did anyone else find the kiss between Nadya Hutagalung and the Qiwu dude cringe-worthy? Its as fake as kissing on Taiwanese dramas. If you can't even kiss properly how do you expect to emote other feelings while acting. -.-

And the older Jeremy, how come he grow old he lost that mole near the eye? Casting manager probably in coma too.


Why is it I run to you when ever I'm in a fix.

You probably got sick of me of my neverending problems.

i hate being your burden.

i think i hate myself more than i hate you.

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