Saturday, July 26, 2008

As emailed

Other than consumed by melancholy of working a Saturday, I was overwhelmed by an extreme feeling of blah-ness. You could call it a kick in the behind by reality.

Today love and friendship seem like 2 words conjured up to make sense of something that doesn’t make actual sense at all. Like Smorgolfinkletinkk.

I smorgolfinkletinkk you.


Dean said...

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot! =)

Bit I signed in and left this comment with my Wordpress URL. Hope you can see it this time.

Anyhow, people come and people go.

I'll be your friend! If you want me to be. ;)

Take care now.

Anonymous said...

Chat as in comments chat?

Seems like you enjoy mindfucks. It promotes intelligence, I gotta admit. But it makes me feel fake. Lol.

Dean said...

Oops. That was me.

Dean said...

LOL that really sounds a little sado-masochistic to me. =p