Friday, July 11, 2008

Research essay

I swear I am using these readings for purely academic purposes.
Nobody said I can't have fun or pick up something interesting while doing my work right?
But one very interesting thing to note; its offensive to objectify women.
Say I put the exact same body parts of a woman, posture etc, that'd be damn vulgar lah.
But with covers like these aren't we objectifying men?
Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

hey hey HEY! eyes up here! i'm not a piece of meat!

well, alright. i can't speak for my gender, but i personally wouldn't mind being objectified - to a certain level.

yes, i want to be respected for my personality and intelligence too (nobody make any jokes about me having neither brains nor looks!), but what man can resist a woman checking him out lustfully?

-Ed- said...

Men and women are equal, hence we should get equal treatment.
Women are objectified, so I don't see why men can't either.

If only those covers were pictures of women... (with less abs of course. Those things would be intimidating on the ladies!)