Thursday, July 31, 2008

As seen on Asiaone

Someone just hit the jackpot.

"And there, in a nutshell, is the main reason guys here aren't considered hot: They need to be naughtier, more rebellious, and less goody-two-shoes. I certainly don't think it's a physical thing. Fashion sense can be acquired - just read enough magazines - and teeth can be straightened and polished. A good body is only a gym membership away.

But mental attitude is honed over a lifetime, and it's in this area in which I think young men and women have had the most divergent upbringing.

There are far too many men who are, at heart, little boys who always listen to their parents. Even if there's a small streak of rebelliousness in a boy here, there's nothing like a stint in the army to iron it out. Trouble is, women like spontaneity, and even something of the gruff miscreant in a guy, and are actually turned on by danger.

Singapore guys, however, are largely characterised by pragmatism, industriousness and reliability.

In short, Singaporean men are the type your mother would approve of. Most women, however, are drawn to the very sort that would give mother a mild stroke."

No shit Sherlock.

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