Thursday, July 31, 2008

The muse

It's surprising how certain people can just click and talk about stuff as if they've known each other their whole lives. The new muse makes me feel sesquipedalian, I dare say for the better.

Maybe Cheanea was right, I just needed some air. I'm looking forward to ... hanging with Sha, copious amounts of alcohol, dinner with the classmates and coffee with the intern.

As emailed: Correspondances to the "yardstick"

(On people who are not being able to be friends after breaking up)

Personally I think its one of those dysfunctional human behaviours.

From here on, it can go 3 ways.

It can be either due to immaturity, the i-don't-friend-you type, OR suggest that it was a very physical relationship where you don't even bother to be friends when the relationship ends, it was just sex right? OR the saddest one, because he/she can't let go.

The 3rd one only applies to the most helpless romantics, at this day and age are a rare find. Of course and does not apply if they're shagging other people, then they go into the 1st category, see i-don't-friend-you.

Then there is another abnormaly which constitutes of abused victims. Abuse does not necessarily translate to physical violence, can be emotional abuse as well. This warrants enough reason not to maintain contact what so ever with the ex.

Do remember though, you don't want to come across as Prince Charming all the time, if you watched Shrek, you'll remember that the princess chose the green ogre in the end. Well, 2 cents from me.


I'm also wrecking my brains for a provocative feature profile piece for school.
Was thinking of interviewing Sha, the principal, in the style of Playboy.
The attached picture would totally give everyone a nosebleed.
If I was ever good enough for Playboy, I would have totally nailed it.

*shuffles feet* to do or not to do .... that is the question

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