Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretence and how somethings never change

Everybody needs a little false hope sometimes that pushes us to be more than what we are set out to be.

I had a little blast from the past with YS and Weilin, I think I would have sunk to a new low the day I need help from him. Sigh. Not really that desperate yet.

YS: y too early to say? he's totally perfect & match ur st(an)d(ards)! haha.. & stop studying so much books, heard from weilin u r still studying. y study when life is abt enjoy it to the max? haha..

Me: I must study so that I can get a good job and earn lots of money because I'm not as chio as ivy, or big boobied as sha or lucky as cheanea. If all else fails, I must be self dependant maybe buy myself a midget or sex slave or both. LOL


I'd like to see how he calls me on that one.
YS the quondam rebel, we all go thru that teenage angsty phase. And I suspect he's trying to get back at me for all the days in secondary school where I drew turtles on the back of his hands/arms in black marker while he slept in class.
He never really got mad at me. I think he secretly loved the temporary turtle tattoos, worst still pent up opression waiting for the day to launch a vengeful suprise all out assault on me.

Fast forward 10 years on to 2008, I'm still vandalising other people's hands.
PS I only drew the dinasaur with deformed legs.
PSS Maybe it had leprosy.

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