Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inspired by Felix across the north borders.

On the MRT on the way home, I spot a girl smiling to herself as she checks out her phone. Makes you kinda wonder what is going through her mind. 

Mental masturbation - where she clutches the train handles tightly as she grits her teeth like a scene in a japanese hentai, she blushes a deep shade of pink as she is crossing and uncrossing her thighs trying to forget the moistness and throbbing between her legs. Resisting the urge to touch herself in public, she gulps and almost lets out a small moan as the blood rushes to her head giving herself a mini orgasm. 

A joke of some sort between 2 co-workers that involve impaling a common super(visor) starting with stapling her eyelids shut. 

An old wives tale that was passed on from mother to daughter about a marriage of a village girl to a horse. Her mother swears it happened. She laughs of the thought of her mother finding bestiality porn. Seems that it was already fashionable then. 

The promises of a lovesick over-zealous admirer who'd promise her anything she'd ever wish for. 

So much had ran through her thoughts. And yet ... The one thing that truly tickled her for the duration of that journey was watching an elder couple that she estimated to be 2 generations older. The old lady's head rested upon the frail shoulders of her partner, her palm encased in his. 

The observer took out her mobile to take a picture and then decided against it in fear of trespassing on such a personal moment. She looked hard at them again, as if to make a mental photograph and decided that the image would burn in her mind as the sort of happiness that she would aspire to have for herself to last her lifetime. 

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