Sunday, March 8, 2009


He came by past noon all dressed up in his reservist gear. We hardly made small talk. He looked thoughtful as if to censor himself. He was always so politically correct. Smart but over self regulated.

He looked great as I had always known him to be, his hair neatly tussled, his smile semi reserved and his clothes hanging off his tight chiseled frame. In short, (haha to the pun coz he was about the same height as I was) he made quite a beach hottie. 

I thought about him as a public figure one day. He still baffles me up till now. He seems promising but as any one with real power or less worldly wise, he'll be bound to make mistakes; some contradicting the past and promises he cannot keep. Then perhaps he'll learn that life or even the press is less forgiving. 

Thnks fr th mmrs, adieu.  

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