Monday, March 9, 2009

Short stop

By request I was asked/tasked/challenged to do something worthy of  a porn script. I will however think about it and with enough inspiration get to it as soon as i get a new muse. 

I'm making a personal resolution to make any moves on a guy and wait till he makes them. Just like its meant to be. Until then I will fill all my days with enriching healthy activities.

S tried to ring me but I didn't pick up his call. I didn't want to be dependent on him. At the back of my mind, I think its because I'm friends with his boss's wife. Karma is a bitch. Besides, it was good to know there are other people I can count on for support even if they're a 12 hour time difference away. 

The wingman got gf liao. My advise works better on others than it does myself. I should charge for therapy sessions. After which i use that money to seek therapy myself. 

My secondary schoolmate's micro blog about his coming bundle of joy here. It was always been a private joke for us that his kid would inherit 4 dimples from both parents. Talk about good genes. Their kids would probably be blessed with Mom's good looks and Dad's good brains (hopefully not his tiny eyes LOL). 

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