Monday, March 9, 2009


Mental meltdown. I could feel my heart race uncontrollably, my ears ringing and heat radiating from my face and palms. 38.7 degrees. After contemplating my existence I was much too exhausted. 

When 2 out of x of my best shags have decided to move to Europe and not come back, it doesn't become a statistic. It's a f@#$ing demographic.

I need a Euro trip. 

Flash back to Saturday.

It's strange how we seek comfort in someone else's misery. It was his birthday Saturday. Between sobriety and a smoke, I remembered telling K and she told me, you know my gf ended a 6 year relationship when she was 31.
"After that she went on a fucking binge and soon I started to remember the men in her life by their professions." 
I told her about how I felt about the Singapore dating scene and she said that its a generation thing. It's the 80s. 

I laughed. 

By her hypothesis, I would have to start dating guys who are at least 5 years older than I am or 7 years younger. 

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