Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recycled Texts / Fiction inspired by "real people" - How I met Chuckles

The story would begin with a maze and lots of doors, after following a leprechaun down a rabbit hole and mistaking him for a midget (Watching the mini-me sex tape has somewhat influenced this story in a life altering horrific way *shudder*)

Distracted I hadn't noticed that I had stepped on a huge pile of manure. Like water buffalo poop not elephant.

The said excretion turned out not to be just any pile of shit but a talking turd that granted me 3 wishes. While trying to wipe off bits of the talking turd on the soles of my shoes, I thought long and hard and before I could open my mouth to say it out loud *poof* I was transported to a huge fair with cool rides around me and a change of shoes. I soaked up the atmosphere and sniffed the air that was a mad mix of popcorn, fresh cotton candy and grilled hotdogs.

When I looked straight ahead and there was this strange guy wearing a sarong and an Ah Pek singlet standing by the carousel, in his hands were a bunch of red balloons and a box of chocolates. Hi! My name is Chuckles he said to me. And that was how I would have met you.

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