Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reason 12918462 on why I <3 being fag hag

We have an arrangement whereby every time we walked into a unisex shop, he’d go his way and I’d go mine. We don't go for the same dress, I don't end up not buying something because he saw it first, he has excellent taste in women's wear as well as colour coordination (unlike moi), and still get to laugh and bitch about ridiculously fugly fashion.

Most of time he walked away with something after all I had only $50 to spare so I scoured mostly the bargain counters for casuals. My suits, jackets and OL stuff can wait. Get the job then say lah. Will cross the bridge when it comes. Of course here’s to hoping the bridge comes, sooner than later.

Saw some really nice stuff - a sequined LBD which I have no occasion to wear to, a super cute ruffled top that I’m too fat to wear now that will look fab with a pencil skirt and skinny arms. 

I am fashion idiot, was trying to google what this type of cutting is called. Women's clothes are so mind boggling lah. Halters, racer backs, spag tops the list goes on. My brain is simply not equipped in storing so much useless information. 

I am missing skinny me. This is she BTW

Vintage 2003 post breakup with the same ass, fucker, he should not be named cancer. Now I feel so past my prime. 

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