Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Witty Wednesdays. Die KL DIEEEEEEEEEEEE

Besides going about my usual nonsence and nuances, I think the previous story is fresh from the melanchony that I write. Reminds me of the final story in Pillowman about the painted pigs. Light and whimsical.

I am in a cheery mood despite being bogged down with what I feel is a dastardly bout of cold - sore throat, slightly feverish, aches and pains around my back thanks to Norman's good news - the cheery mood not the sickie. I'm not sure if it's a strange thing to say that the moods of my friends are caught on to me as if through osmosis. Norman my dear friend is in love.

I found this quote from Forbes

“Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you remember.”

Happiness infects contagiously. I feel happy that things are working for him and even though I'm one of the bros (according to him that is), I can't help being reduced to giggles. *Thumps chest* Bro-ish giggles of course.

I've decided to go on a short break of the mind. I know with deadlines looming. I chant "I think I can I think I can." I'm trying to psyche myself into the zone. Some distraction is good.

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